bybmg: High Five for Friday 2.10

High Five for Friday 2.10

TGIF! I've been terrible at taking pictures of things this week, but I feel like our schedule has been so busy!


Girl Scout cookies... yum. I actually got a couple boxes of Lemonades because they're my favorite!


I cleaned out some items from my closet this week that I haven't worn all winter. I'm truly trying to make my closet a collection of pieces I totally am in love with. If I haven't touched an item in the past four months, it should probably go. I have listed some things on Poshmark, but most will go to our local clothing closet.


Sunday we had people over for the Super Bowl. It was so fun and low stress. The kids played. We had good food. Though the party only lasted through halftime, it was so fun! And then I went to sleep because I had a cold and missed the crazy ending!


I mentioned a few weeks ago that Wesley wasn't having swimming lessons, but last week, Russ got in the water with him for 3/4 of the lesson, and this week, he did the WHOLE lesson by himself! So proud!


Calvin has perfected the CHEESE! Anytime he sees a camera he says it. He's also learned to turn on the TV and sound bar... How did he get so big?

Wearing Lately: Cozy Layers

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