bybmg: High Five for Friday 1.27

High Five for Friday 1.27

TGIF!  We're revving up for a fun and busy weekend! Here are the highlights from this week:


Calvin is a little book worm. We've been spending a lot of time in the chair in his room. He would love to read book after book, but he has just a few that he will let you read to him because he knows them. If I try to introduce a new book, he won't have it.


I mentioned around Christmas that I have a new nephew! My brother and his wife adopted a little boy who is 4, and we got to meet him this past weekend! He is so sweet and we are thrilled to add another boy to our cousin crew!


I have been meaning to mention that I'm now a brand rep for Southern Joy Designs! She has so many cute things including custom jewelry and tops. You can use my code: BGSJD10 to get 10% off any purchase!


This little man tried swimming lessons again this week. He missed the first one because of his pneumonia and last week wouldn't get in the water (Russ took him). This week, he wouldn't get in the water again... sigh. He will get in when there's no teacher there, but the minute the teacher shows up, boom, freak out... some day he will get over it, but right now we go to swim lessons and watch.


I got a hair trim this week and I had my stylist straighten my hair. It's funny the reactions I get when I have straight hair. My hair used to be naturally curly but since baby #3, it's basically stick straight. I curl it with my flat iron to give it back its curl.

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