bybmg: Using My iPad for Blogging Productivity

Using My iPad for Blogging Productivity


I received free product in exchange for my review. Opinions are all my own.

Today I wanted to share some ways I use my iPad for blogging productivity. I know some people are Mac computer all the way or PC all the way for their blogging needs, but I'm a little different. I have an Asus Chromebook plus an iPad that I use for blogging. I bought my Chromebook a couple years ago and I really like the simplicity of it, but I was missing photo editing. I tried to make it with using my iPhone, but it was getting difficult to get pictures from the SD card to the phone and editing photos on a small phone screen is just a pain. So, I saved up my pennies and bought an iPad. Today I wanted to share a few things I do/apps I use to make my iPad work for me!

First off, comfort. I love, love, love this iPad pillow. I got it from Amazon, and it is just great for sitting on the couch working. If you're going to be using an iPad on a regular basis, I highly suggest this! (Side note: We've given it as a gift to both our dads. Russ's dad is a avid iPad user for browsing and my dad got an iPad when he was diagnosed with cancer so he could FaceTime from the hospital. So, if you have an iPad user in your life, this is a great gift!)

Another handy thing I have is an SD card reader that plugs right into my iPad. I love the compact size of it and that I can import pictures super fast. Just tap, tap, tap on the pictures and hit import. This isn't the exact reader I have, but very similar.

I also use WorkFlow for my photos. Once I edit them either with the photos app or Snapseed, Russ made me a workflow that allows me to select the photos I want, then it auto resizes them to the width I want for the blog, deletes the original, and then opens up Google Photos to start the upload process. Since I use Blogger to blog, having the sync to Google Photos is SUCH a time save! When I add pictures to a post, I just click the picture icon, hit the photos from phone and select photos that are uploaded from my iPad or iPhone. It's really slick!

Lastly, a little pretty! I don't have a hard cover on my iPad because the kids don't use it, but I wanted to add a little fun to it. I got a beautiful monogrammed skin courtesy of CaseApp! I was able to customize it with my monogram and I just love it! Their skins add an additional little cover to the back of your device plus make it good looking. 

I also have a custom CaseApp iPhone case for my phone with my blog logo on it, and just love the personalized touch!

If you want to give CaseApp a try, you can get 20% off using the code: BYBMG20

So, this is what's working for me. What's working for you?

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