bybmg: 4 Little Ways to Get a Healthier Start to the New Year

4 Little Ways to Get a Healthier Start to the New Year

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A new year always prompts goals or resolutions. I've learned about myself that if I try to make too big of a change, it just won't happen, so today I'm sharing four little ways I'm trying to get a healthier start to the new year. Hopefully you can take away something that will help you!


Start a New Workout Habit

The new work out habit that you start does not have to be a huge one. For me, I'm just trying to make it to the gym to walk/jog on the treadmill 1-2 days a week and go to yoga once a week. This new work out goal is manageable for me and is a step up from the very little I was doing the last half of last year. In this phase of life, I will never be able to be an every day gym person, but making a few little changes can make a big difference.


Bump Up My Steps

One thing I actually enjoy about my smart watch is that it doesn't have a specific step track goal. That may sound silly but I like that it just tells you what your average steps have been at that time of day for that day of the week. This motivates me to just bump it up a little from the last week. How do I bump up my steps? I park further away in a parking lot, do an extra trip up and down the stairs, or make an extra trip down the hall at work.


Get a New Water Bottle

Having a cute water bottle motivates me to drink more of it. I'm usually a terrible water drinker, but if I have one that had a fun saying on it, it works for me for some reason. The water bottle you get doesn't have to be expensive. I picked this cute one up at the dollar spot at Target! 


Have Healthy Snacks on Hand

If I have junk around the house, I eat it. If I have healthy snacks around the house, I eat them! I'm trying to make better choices when I go to the store this year, and one brand that I've been loving for a while is Special K! Their Special K Nourish® Bites are perfect for a little pick me up snack to much on while working on the computer or watching TV, and their Special K® Protein Bars are perfect for on the go in my purse or eating on the way work in the morning. With 8 grams of protein in each serving, these snacks keep me going long after they're done and the flavors are delicious!

Oh my last trip to Target, I picked up heir Special K Nourish® Bites in Dark Chocolate Pistachio and Special K® Protein Bars in Caramel Pretzel Cashew. They're located with the lunch box snacks! Even better yet, right now through February 18th, there is a discount on these snacks with Target Cartwheel!

For more Kellogg's snack inspiration, check out this link!

What are ways you're trying to be healthier this year?

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