bybmg: Busy Bag Lego Kit with Printable Patterns

Busy Bag Lego Kit with Printable Patterns

First off, I will not say that this idea is my own. It is a spin-off from this pin. I changed it up to fit what works for me. The pin had printables, but I honestly don't have that great of a printer at home. I prefer to print colorful images in photo-form, so I redid it to fit some random Legos I put together and took pictures to be able to print at Walgreens. I just have to put that out in the open before we begin :)

We've decided Henry (age 5 1/2) is too old to go to our church's nursery. Wesley (age 2) won't go for some reason, so that leaves all five of us in the pew on Sundays. When Henry was down in the nursery, it was pretty quiet in our pew, but the combination of the two of them has caused some craziness the past couple weeks. It led me to think of ways to re-vamp out church bag. Today I'm sharing about this Lego kit.

First off, I just went down to our Lego area and pulled out some basic pieces. I didn't want any of the really tiny Legos, but I wanted a little variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Here's what I pulled out. I lined them all up and took a picture so we know what should go back in the container at the end of church. My plan was to make two sets (one for Henry and one for Wesley) with the same Legos.

One mistake I made was in my choice of pieces. I chose two of the orange two by threes because I thought they looked fun. I could find a third but not a fourth for the duplicate set after I'd already taken the pictures of the patterns, so I had to get a little creative and make one. I made sure that one went in Henry's set, and he was totally fine with it.

I randomly put arrangements of Legos together. Then I put each arrangement on a white notebook to take a picture. I did ten simple patterns (geared toward Wesley) and ten more complicated designs (geared toward Henry). I took the pictures on my phone and used the Walgreens app to send them off. Ready in an hour! Score! The picture above is 5 of the images from each set.

You can download all of the pattern pictures HERE!

I went to Dollar Tree and found a couple small photo albums and plastic boxes. I put the photos (including the one with a picture of all the pieces) in the album.

I got different colored albums and boxes so that the boys can tell them apart. The album fits on top of all of the Legos and allows for the lid to close. They had their first go 'round in church on Sunday and Henry LOVED it!  Wesley didn't quite get it yet, but I think he will as he gets older.

Besides church, this would be a great idea for a road trip, waiting room, or quiet time. It would also make a great gift, don't you think? I can easily put together new sets of Legos and take pictures of them in quick formations to switch it up every once in a while. 

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