bybmg: $10 at Target - Regretful

$10 at Target - Regretful


Welcome to $10 at Target! Each month a group of ladies and I go the place of the red bulls eye and see what $10 can get us! This month, my boys were in tow which made it a little more of an adventure!

Of course we had to stop and visit Mr. Bullseye! Then we strolled around the store. 

These super cute glass bottles were in the dollar spot!

Aren't these towels cute?

And these glasses

And fall decor?

We got this grateful tree last year and I plan to get it out again this year.

I have a thing for pumpkins and am regretting not getting one of these!

These flats were on super clearance for under $10!

Pumpkin biscotti? I wish I would have gotten these too!

So... what did I get?

I ended up with this cute mug at $5.99 and this hair product at $3 something (I forget how much). So, why does the title of this post say regretful? Well, I love the mug. And it's so true. I will use it more in on the weekends since I usually have my coffee in a tumbler to go during the week. 

But I regret the hair product. I don't blowdry my hair, so when I saw air dry + waves I was all about it, but I didn't really read the label carefully (I blame the kids in tow and just wanting to find something) and it is meant for people that have more curly/wavy hair. My hair has pretty much lost all its wave after Calvin's pregnancy, so this product doesn't work for me at all. I wish I would have better read the label or just gotten a yummy pumpkin biscotti ;) Next month I will do better!

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