bybmg: High Five for Friday 12.23 - Almost Christmas

High Five for Friday 12.23 - Almost Christmas

Happy Friday! I'm thrilled because today is our first day of Christmas break (though I got a head start yesterday... read on and you'll see why). I'm looking forward to slower days and just lounging around the house! Here's what we were up to this week:


Russ's parents took the boys last weekend for most of Saturday through Sunday morning. I got to go shopping, we got caught up on SO much like cleaning out the storage room, and I got almost all the presents wrapped! 


My LipSense team has been growing, and I won a little giveaway because of it! I adore my new necklace that I got for my prize!


This week we had festive dress up days at school. This sweatshirt only comes out once a year, and I got so many compliments from students because they know I love giraffes!


One of my friends had her sweet baby boy this week! I got to visit them in the hospital. Oh, that sweet new baby smell!


Calvin had a check up on Tuesday for his ears because he had tubes put in back in May. Well, one of his tubes had come out and he had a nasty ear infection. The ENT suggested getting the tube put back in and getting Calvin's adenoids out. So, we were able to get the surgery in Thursday so we could get it in under this year's insurance! Thursday was a long day since we had to be to the surgery center at 6:15 am and after surgery was really rough, but I know in the long-run it will be best for him. 

How was your week?

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