bybmg: $10 at Target - Camo, Plaid, and Peppermint.

$10 at Target - Camo, Plaid, and Peppermint.


Welcome to December's edition of $10 at Target! Each month a fun bunch of ladies and I share what we scored for just $10 at Target. It's a fun little adventure. We link up on the third Monday of the month each month. Hope you'll join us! 

This Target trip was a fun one. I was out solo on Saturday with no time constraints. It was fun to look around! Here are some things I didn't buy.

Cartwheel had 40% off all handbags, and that polka dot clutch was just adorable! I'm always intrigued by the fun little treats, but I never seem to buy them. Bottle brush trees are just so cute. If there'd been more than two sets of the jar place card holders, I may have purchased them for our family. 

I have been eyeing that hat for a while, but it wouldn't have fit the budget. The emoji bracelet just made me laugh. I know my middle schoolers would get a kick out of it if I had it. The coveted pumpkin spice tee was there, but sadly not in my size. Last, the cute bird tee almost came home with me, but I found one I liked better.

Here's what I got:

I'd seen Tif style this camo shirt a while back, so I was happy to see it on sale!  The peppermint Kisses are just a no-brainer in my book, and I may already own two rolls of the buffalo plaid washi tape! Again, I'm about $1.00 under budget. I think I have been the past two or three months. Maybe next month I'll splurge and go over budget!

Now it's time to link up!

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