bybmg: High Five for Friday 12.16 - Family Fun

High Five for Friday 12.16 - Family Fun

It's been a fun week around here! Here are the highlights!


Wesley had his preschool Christmas program last Friday. It was just so adorable!


Then, Friday night I went to my friend Erin's house. She hosted a craft party! There's a gal who does in home craft parties. She brings all the supplies and teaches you how to make it. I made the HOME sign and I just love it!


We got to spend time with family over the weekend at my nephew's 5th birthday party. It's always fun to be together! My dad also came by this week while my mom was at a meeting in town. The boys just love having Poppy around and we are so glad his health is on the up and up!


One night this week, we popped some popcorn, threw in some festive candy, and drove around town for a little bit looking at Christmas lights. It was so fun!


I got to catch up with some girlfriends last night. We went out to dinner and it was just nice to have a little girls' night!

How was your week?

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