bybmg: High Five for Friday 7.8 - The Cat is Back

High Five for Friday 7.8 - The Cat is Back

I missed out on High Five for Friday last week because we were on our way home from Mexico. I truly wanted to take the week off, so my computer stayed home. But, I'm back this week with some fun highlights!

I'm thrilled and honored to be the feature blogger at The Blended Blog today. Hop over and read my interview!


Our kitty has returned!  Toby was adopted by Russ and me when we were first married. He lived with us up until Wes was a few days old and he tried to snuggle with him in his crib. After that he went to live with my parents. Now that Calvin's older, we thought it would be a good time to bring him back. He's just the sweetest kitty. He's deaf, too, which I think helps with the tolerance of the kiddos. More on how we are helping him adjust to our home next week!


It was a gorgeous 70* on Sunday. so, we enjoyed dinner on the deck. 


The day of the Fourth was also a gorgeous day - highs in the 70s. We were at home most of the day, though we did attend our town parade. Russ's parents and his grandma came to the parade and had dinner with us. We let Henry and Wesley stay up for sparklers and fireworks. They had a lot of fun! More pictures of the boys on the Fourth coming next week.


We took the baby gate down off the top of the stairs... I'm keeping it around just in case, but Calvin's pretty much mastered climbing up and down the stairs safely. If we want to keep him out of the basement, we can close the door at the bottom of the steps. Lord willing, it's our last go 'round with a baby gate.


I got an Instax Mini 8 camera a while back. I hadn't used it much, but we broke it out on vacation and on the 4th. I just LOVE it.

Have a great weekend. Here's my posts from this week if you missed them:

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