bybmg: Because of Faith: Five Reason to Hope Because of Our Faith

Because of Faith: Five Reason to Hope Because of Our Faith

Today I'm thrilled to have Sarah guest posting! She is sharing about her new ebook which is available free to you when you sign up below!

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Because of Faith: Five Reason to Hope Because of Our Faith

Faith begins with a promise. Just search the Scriptures to find all that God has promised us! Faith is not just for our salvation; it’s also for our daily lives. Our faith is not dependent on circumstances or people. Our faith rests in and relies on God. We trust that God will do what He says. We believe that He has done the work of salvation. We have faith in our eternal home. Even when promises are hard to see, we hold onto faith. Sometimes, it simply means living ‘one day at a time.’ ‘Living in the daily’ can either strengthen our faith in God or discourage us. I find it hardest to remember to have faith in the mundane moments. I get caught up in the laundry, dishes, and errands that I forget to have faith - even if it’s just for a moment. But ‘living in the daily’ is the perfect place to practice our faith. Many of life’s precious moments are not found on mountain tops. Faith isn’t tested in the big, grand things of life; faith is tested in the small moments. We can daily believe the truth, seek God in His Word, and open our hearts in prayer to find hope. More than anything, God has promised us HOPE.   This week, we will be studying Romans 5:1-5 and looking at Five Reasons to Hope because of our faith. With God, we can find the hope to keep on believing - even if it’s just for today. I hope you will open your heart and mind to the truths of God’s Word, and I pray you will find encouragement as you discover hope for your ordinary days.......

You can read more of Sarah's journey to live in daily faith by getting her FREE e-book. Just sign up for Letters of Grace and you will recieve a free copy of the book in your inbox. As a bonus, she's offering this amazing print desined by LilyPad Printables for the month of July!


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  About Sarah As a momma of four little ones and wife to a busy husband, she spends her days making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, reheating her coffee thirty times, and sneaking in quiet time with her earbuds. Find her at You are invited to join her as she studies God’s Word in the ordinary day. If you enjoyed her e-book, keep an eye out for her NEW Bible study coming this Fall (2016).

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