bybmg: High Five for Friday 7.15 - Family Trip!

High Five for Friday 7.15 - Family Trip!

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We took a trip to Missouri with my parents and my brothers' families this week. We stayed in a house north of KC, but we spent a lot of time in KC visiting the attractions. Lots of adventures! Here are some highlights!

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Monday we went to the Kaleidoscope. It's a free place put together by Hallmark. The boys created different things with paper, ribbon, and more. It was so fun and it was FREE! Wesley loved the little areas with dance lights most.


We also hit up the Legoland Discovery Center. I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but it was a pretty good time for the boys. My parents took Calvin back to where we were staying so Russ and I were one on one with each of the boys. Wes liked the play area most of all. Henry loved the ability to switch mini figures with people who work there, so if you go, take some old mini figures with you!


We went to the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead on Tuesday and the boys LOVED it. They went on a pony ride, go fishing, and more. They were in heaven!


I got to meet up with my Snail Mail friend, Dara. She blogs over at Not in Jersey. We went to a cute little area called Prairie Fire in Overland Park and had some yummy dessert!


We also hit up the KC Zoo. We checked out a few animals and then a big storm came through. Once there was a break in the storm, we left and hit up a Five Guys for lunch. Nap times definitely affected our days on this trip, but it's just a phase we're in. Oh, and Russ found a lot of Pokemon everywhere we went. Anyone else in on the Pokemon Go game?

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