bybmg: The Picture Perfect Project: July

The Picture Perfect Project: July


I'm joining in with some fabulous ladies to be a part of the Picture Perfect Project. Each month I'll be sharing a few photos I've taken with our Canon EOS Rebel T3i. I decided with this challenge to focus on documenting of each of our boys in their element. It might look messy, but I just want these photos to capture the every day life we have. I don't really plan to edit the photos in any way except for possibly cropping them a little.

The pictures I took this month were on the morning of the Fourth of July. We didn't leave the house much on the Fourth, and I was a-okay with that. The weather was GORGEOUS with the high being right in the upper 70s. It was pretty humid but we didn't have to sweat it out and I was glad.


Henry was all about making things that morning. He made some Duplo guns and a mini flag. It's crazy how independent he can be sometimes.


Wes was just checking everything out. I just LOVE the first picture I got of him, though. That little expression. Otherwise He was busy checking out ants in the driveway and running around in the yard doing who knows what.

Calvin was all about the Cozy Coupe! In the first picture, he was actual waving, but the way it's captured he looks like he's having a bit of road rage! He also figured out the little horn on the wheel, so that was a fun new adventure for him. 

I also just have to add in this picture of him for my memory's sake. He turned 14 months on the 4th and he's still not walking. His poor little knees get so beat up crawling that he's resorted to bear crawling!

And how many shots does it take to get them all to cooperate?

At least four!  

And that's a wrap for July!

What do you think?

Our Pretty Little Girls

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