bybmg: $10 at Target - Clearance Jewelry

$10 at Target - Clearance Jewelry

I just LOVE my little $10 at Target shopping adventure every month, and I also LOVE that this little link up is growing. It is so fun to see how everyone stretches their little budgets! 

As always, I share some highlights of what I didn't get as well as what I got.

So, what did I pass up this time?

The teacher in me totally wanted this $3 crate, but I wasn't sure what I'd do with it.

I have no idea what I'd use this bag for, but it was stinkin' cute!

Oh, these pom poms were so tempting!

I almost bought one of these to add the pom pom trim to!

Pretty tassel earrings hitting the arrow trend, too!

Cute little tassel earrings for cheap!

These gems were a gorgeous shade of blue!

I forgot the price on this tank, but it was in with the handbags. Totally cute, right?

Here's what I got:

a pretty headband, some fun earrings, and a set of bangles. All were on clearance!

It's hard to get the full picture of what the bangles look like, so here's a picture of them on. I've reallllly been swooning over Alex & Ani bangles, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. I think these will do for now.

My total after tax and the Red Card discount was $9.91! Cutting it close, like usual!

Now for the link up!

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