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Help with Mom Anger


I am THRILLED to have Ruthie guest posting today to share about her new book about dealing with anger as a mom. This is a topic that I can totally relate to and need some help with. Also this post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure for details.

Struggling with mom anger? Help is on the way!

  Do you struggle with mom anger toward your tribe? Let's see if the following scene sounds familiar:  

You fix dinner, seat the kids, enter the hubs, and everyone’s a voracious werewolf.
The baby screams, demanding a fork, "NOT A 'POON!!".
The kids bicker because the boy has his chair too close to the girl. He’s in her bubble and she’s pushing. He’s enjoying her discomfort.
Someone complains about the macaroni and cheese.
Kid number 3 spills his milk.
You’re so hungry you could eat the kids.

How you react is what will determine the course of the rest of the dinner. Is it wrong to be angry with our kids?  

*Scripture Pillar:

Go ahead and be angry. You do well to be angry – but don’t use your anger as fuel for revenge. And don’t stay angry. Don’t go to bed angry. Don’t give the Devil that kind of foothold in your life.” Ephesians 4:26-27, The Message  
There are many reasons for anger. Sometimes anger is due to righteous indignation, such as God’s reaction to the Israelite’s complaints from roaming in the wilderness after being delivered out of Egypt. Or when David was angry with his son, Ammon, for violating his sister, Tamar (I Samuel 13:21). But there are also fleshly reasons for anger. I don’t know about you wives, but my anger doesn’t just stop with my kids. I take it out on the “big kid” sometimes too. And it’s usually just over a tiny annoyance. Frustration can turn to anger, and anger can turn to full-blown wrath, and when that happens, the outcome is never good. In order to implement a new approach to anger, let’s view three actions, based on Ephesians 4:26-27:

  The Three “C’s”
  1). Curb
  2.) Confess
  3.) Cut

Curb your anger so that you don’t blow it. Just stop. Take a deep breath, or think of one physical action (e.g. clamping your hand over your mouth, running out of the room, or mashing your mouth shut).

Confess if you do blow it, as soon as you can gather yourself.

Cut the Enemy out. By making things right before you go to bed, you are not giving him a toe-hold and thus, more ammunition for your next blow-up!
  Struggling with mom anger? Help is on the way! Introducing a brand new book called, "COUNT TO NINE; 9 Liberating Steps for Mom Frustration and Anger" . This book will set you on the track to recovery!
 Does this sound like a quick fix? A somewhat superficial bandaid to get you through maybe one or two squabbles? It takes more than just a few tips to curb anger, doesn't it? The preceding devotional is just a snippet of a book I wrote on mommy anger. It's called, COUNT TO NINE; 9 Liberating Steps for Mommy Anger and Frustration.
  Order Today - COUNT TO NINE; 9 Liberating Steps for Mom Frustration and Anger" By Ruthie Gray
 I wrote this book because as a mom of four myself, I dealt with a LOT of anger down through the rearing years, and I struggled to handle it well. As I seek to mentor younger moms, I notice this same pattern emerging. A battle with anger-induced rage. And these moms want change. My new ebook, Count to Nine, 9 Liberating Steps for Mom Anger and Frustration, presents nine essential steps to overcome mishandled anger. Offering *Scripture Pillars, Power-Packed Pillar Prayers, a Plan of Action for each chapter, and much more, this book will set you on the road towards recovery. The book is full of key Biblical strategies to help you parent gracefully and learn the Biblical approach to anger. How do I know? I teach this method to a group of moms who are tracking wins and overcoming their anger by daily implementing these Scriptural strategies! This book is a small investment to make toward a big difference in the dynamic of your family. Are you ready to take the necessary steps to freedom from the power of anger gone wrong? You can do this, mom. Let me show you how through COUNT TO NINE. At just $7.00, this ebook is an affordable investment toward not only developing positive reactions to anger, but patterning them for your children as well! I’m praying for you!

 PS: As an extra BONUS to the book, we've included a beautiful, printable journal with Scripture cards and Thankful cards, designed by my friend Jessica through her Etsy shop! You will love this actionable, gorgeous addition to the book! Grab your copy today!  

  I know what it's like to struggle with anger. As a mom of four and Gigi of two, I've been in your shoes. This is a plan to get you started in the right direction. Won't you join me? Ruthie Gray is a wife, mom of four, Gigi, and caregiver, living in the sandwich generation and blogging to keep her sanity. When she's not snacking on plastic drumsticks with her grandson (The Tiny Tornado), or snuggling his sister (Baby Cakes), you can find her coaching other moms on how to raise responsible kids and enjoy them at and Mom Time Out. You can also connect with Ruthie on Facebook.
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