bybmg: High Five for Friday 6.17 - Real Life and Super Heroes

High Five for Friday 6.17 - Real Life and Super Heroes

Another full, great week of summer around these parts. Here are some highlights!

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Henry has been a busy little athlete. He did a track and field camp last week and has been playing t-ball with the Y on the weekends. It's so fun to see him involved in things. Everything is pretty low-key/non-competitive which I appreciate at his age.


Our local Des Moines Moms Blog had a family fun night on Sunday evening. The ticket for our whole family to go was just $5 which included meeting super heroes, balloon animals, face painting, live music, and a free Thelma's ice cream sandwich for each of us. They also had a couple food trucks where we could buy dinner. It was a beautiful evening out in the country at The 88 Estate.


I picked up a new selfie stick at Walgreens on a shopping adventure this week. I had a cheap Dollar Tree one that just held the phone, but this one has a thing that plugs into the headphone jack and has a button on the handle to click. I know I'm way behind in getting one of these, but it was just $5. Also I love this photo because it shows the true chaos of our house now that we're all home all day. That open cupboard is Calvin's playground. On the stove - amazing Strawberry Summer Cake. Dirty dishes on the counter. A crazy mom and dad in the middle of it all. And Calvin thinks we're crazy, too. :)

Russ and I also went on a lunch date this week when the boys were at daycare, and we used the selfie stick again. I don't get enough pictures with this guy! He's just the best dad to our boys and best husband to me! Can't wait to celebrate Father's Day with him this weekend and head off on a vacation just the two of us in a few weeks!


We hit up the mall, and for some reason I went to Payless Shoes to look around, and these floral sandals were a no-brainer. The snakeskin flats were super cute, too, and with each pair just being $15, I had to snag them. And it looks like they're still available online: floral sandals and flats.


So apparently, when you post a picture of the newest Frappuccino on the day it comes out, it gets a lot of likes. I screen shot this Instagram post earlier in the week, but it's now up to over 700 likes and getting lots of random people commenting and tagging friends. But really, the Double Double Fudge Bar Frap is delish and you should try it!

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