bybmg: High Five for Friday 6.10 - Summer Fun!

High Five for Friday 6.10 - Summer Fun!

Happy Friday! We're a almost two weeks into summer and I've already lost track of what day it is. A great problem to have, don't you think?!  We've definitely had our ups and downs. Adjusting from a school year schedule and lots of friends to play with to being around mom and dad and siblings all day is a little frustrating. All-in-all though, we've had a great week! I have a few more pictures than normal - just so many events to capture!


So this was sort of last week, but we went to Omaha over night Thursday night through Friday just as a fun little kick off to summer. We stayed at the Ramada that is connected to the CoCo Keys Water Park. The boys had a BLAST! We'd originally planned to hit up the Omaha Children's Museum, too, but the boys were having too much fun with the water park and arcade, so we just stayed and did that. We'll hit up the museum on our next trip.

On the way home, we hit up Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Oh, their burgers are just the best. I'm so excited that we're getting one in the Des Moines area soon! Eating out with all of us is quite the adventure. Did you catch my post on tips for eating out with a young toddler earlier this week? There's a giveaway!


Russ and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary last Friday. He made reservations at Sam & Gabes, a delicious Italian place nearby. If you ever go, make SURE you get the Italian Nachos!


We went berry picking at Berry Fresh Farms. The strawberries were pretty much all gone, but we had a great time picking raspberries. The owner was so kind. She gave the boys rides on her gator and let them water her flowers. I made this amazing lemon raspberry loaf with the raspberries we picked.


We also went to explore the Des Moines Sculpture Park this week. It's the perfect place for little kiddos to run and explore!


I got a new Keep Collective bracelet and a couple new keys!  I have been eyeing the woven band for a while! I'm also hosting a Keep Collective social (a.k.a. party). If you've been eyeing anything, you can place an order here.

How was your week?

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