bybmg: High Five for Friday 5.20 - A Good Week

High Five for Friday 5.20 - A Good Week

Happy Friday, friends!  I hope you had a great week. Ours was overall pretty darn good. Calvin's been sleeping again all night, so I can't complain. Just one week left of school. Here are the highlights:


Russ completed his first triathlon this weekend. We are so proud of him. It was pretty chilly and windy, but he pushed through!  We were all there to cheer him on at the finish! I have a sweet video of the two older boys running to him as he crossed the line!


We headed to get plants and such on Sunday. One of the best things about Earl May is that they have free popcorn! Wesley probably could have downed two bags!

We got some of the flowers planted on Tuesday night, but I need to get another pot for the rest. The peppers and cherry tomatoes we got are planted on the back deck, too!


Russ surprised me with a S'more Frappuccino after work on Monday. It was so tasty!


I've finally been making some time to read, and I'm reading The Light of the Fireflies. It's an interesting story about a family disfigured by a fire living their life in a basement. There are some bizarre things going especially with the father and the daughter in the story, so I'm excited to get to the end to see how it all turns out. 


I got a pedicure this week, so now I'm really ready for summer. Our weather hasn't been 100% cooperative with all the sandals I want to wear, but I think it's supposed to shape up this weekend!

How was your week?

Did you miss anything on the blog?

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