bybmg: High Five for Friday 4.8 - Celebrating the Three-Year-Old!

High Five for Friday 4.8 - Celebrating the Three-Year-Old!

Happy Friday! I'm so thrilled to share highlights of my week with you!


We celebrated Wesley's third birthday this week! We had a party this past weekend with family and friends. He LOVED it! You can check out all the details here.

Here's a little round up collage of him at his birth and each year. He was so tiny (5 lbs 10 oz) when he was born!


This big man hit the 11 month mark this week. He is so funny. His big, cheesy smiles just make me melt. He's so into babbling dadada and sometimes mamama. He also has a good head shake going on and has started pulling up on things!


I really, really, really want to try making this popcorn! Maybe this weekend?


We had to go to Wal-Mart this past week to get Henry's glasses fixed. I always love looking at their jewelry because they have some great dupes and all of their jewelry is so cheap!  I have been interested in the fun tassel necklaces I've seen around, so I snagged this neutral one for $5!


As I was reading Stephanie's goals, one of hers was about unsubscribing from junk mail. It reminded me of a service I've used called You create an account, allow it access to your email (it's secure, promise). Then it searches and finds all your subscriptions. You can then click through and unsubscribe, keep them in your inbox, or add them to a daily rollup email.

You can even specify the time of day you get the roll up. I feel like my inbox is a whole new person. Seriously. It even checks every day for new subscriptions it may not have caught in the initial scan and you can unsubscribe, add them to the roll up, or just keep them as is. Cool, right?

This post isn't sponsored or endorsed by in any way. Just wanted to pass along a great service to you!

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