bybmg: At Home Date: His and Hers S'mores

At Home Date: His and Hers S'mores


Russ and I had an at home date night last month. I wanted to be creative and think of something we wouldn't typically do. Making s'mores somehow came to mind.

I gathered all the supplies. Russ is a white chocolate lover, so I went to with Cookies and Creme Hershey's for him and standard Hershey's for me. I also picked up vanilla graham crackers which seemed to have a little extra sugar on them. Yum!

We don't have a gas range, though I wish we did, so I had to think creatively about how to roast the s'mores. I looked up s'more makers online, but then I thought it would probably just be one more thing to have in the cupboard, and I really need less clutter in my life. I realized that I could buy a little can of Sterno that you can use to heat up fondue and such and we could make it work! I found the Sterno near the charcoal and grilling supplies in the grocery store if you're looking for it.

We roasted our marshmallows on bamboo skewers. I put the Sterno in a little cast iron skillet on top of a trivet on the table. It was super easy (even though we each lit them on fire a couple times), and the marshmallows slid right off.

Delicious! His and hers s'mores. A fun little adventure without having to get a sitter.

What's your favorite at home date night? 

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