bybmg: High Five for Friday 4.22 - bikes, swings, and subs

High Five for Friday 4.22 - bikes, swings, and subs

It's Friday! Just 5 more weeks left of school (yes, I'm counting), and Friday will just be another day of the week, but for now, we celebrate each week's passing!


We had some amazingly beautiful weather this weekend! We tested out the two little boys in the Burley for a couple short rides, and it went really well. We look forward to longer rides this summer. 

I also captured this fun pic of all three boys swinging at once. And, yes, Wesley takes Minnie Mouse just about everywhere!


Little man got ear tubes on Tuesday. Neither of the older boys ever needed tubes, so this was a new adventure. We had to be to the surgery center by 6 am and we were home by 7:30. He did great though, and we got to spend the rest of the day together. He had an ear infection, which I totally suspected because he'd been up the past few nights.  Here's to fewer doctors visits and better sleep!


Beth compiled a collection of Scriptures to Cling To. I contributed one and I love the rest of the list, too!


Jimmy Johns had $1 sandwiches yesterday, so my coworker and I ran over there to get one. There was a long line, but we were in and out in 10 minutes. Freaky Fast indeed!


Russ got me the beginnings of this necklace before we even had Wesley. The shop owner graciously has given us additional discs for Wesley and Calvin. I just got Calvin's disc this week. Now the necklace is complete!

What did you miss on the blog this week?

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