bybmg: High Five for Friday 3.4

High Five for Friday 3.4

Happy March!  Hope you had a great first week of the month! I'm here, as usual, with highlights from the past week!


My birthday was last weekend. We had a great day celebrating. My parents came to be with the boys so Russ and I could go to lunch and go to an event for grad class. It was a GORGEOUS day!  68 degrees and sunny is unheard of for February!  We played outside and grilled out for supper!


There's been a thing going around at work which I had no idea about. It's called being "mugged." You get a surprise mug of goodies from someone, you keep what's in the mug, then you pass the mug on to someone else with surprise goodies in it. You display a sign in your window saying you've been mugged so you don't get the mug back. I was "mugged" on Tuesday, and it sure brightened my day! I got some yummy candy, cute pencils, sticky notes, and a lip gloss!


When Henry and I went to Target this past weekend, he decided to spend his allowance on Stikbots. This is a link to what's available online, but he actually got two individual Stikbots since we already have a tripod. They're little suction cup figures that you can use to make stop motion videos. He is learning patience in making longer videos, but it was fun to see his ideas come to life. He may even enter our school's film festival with a Stikbot movie! He's really excited about it. Can you tell?!


I don't have a picture, but I did a freezer meal workshop with some friends this week. I now have 16 meals in the freezer that are all crock pot ready! Oh, it will make our nights so much less hectic! 


Last night I went to a Women in Wine event with a friend at the Des Moines Social Club. It was part of my birthday gift! So fun!

Here's a recap of what you may have missed on the blog this week:

Have a fantastic weekend!

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