bybmg: March Goals

March Goals

The shortest month of the year is over, and I'm back to talk about how my goals went and share goals for March.

First, my February goals:

1. Do the Lent She Reads Truth study. - I'm off by like a day, but I'm keeping up pretty well.

2. Have a date night in again. - We didn't do this, BUT we had TWO lunch dates, so I call that a success. Look at all that greasy goodness we devoured on my birthday!

3. Work out 3x a week. - This was kind of a fail. I got in 2x a week most weeks. 3x a week once, so pretty much a fail, but no week had zero!

4. Read one book. - (sad face) I didn't read a book. I read a little more of Carry On Warrior, but not much.

5. Create something. - CHECK

6. Send 3 random notes/gifts in snail mail or school mail. - CHECK (I actually sent 4!)

Now, for March! Here's what I want to accomplish!

1. Finish the Lent She Reads Truth study.

2. Do an in home date night with Russ.

3. Read a darn book!

4. Make something.

5. Get a pedicure.

6. Have a phone and computer free 7 am to 7 pm one day over spring break.

I feel like these are pretty self-explanatory. What do you think? What are your goals for the month?

I'm also linking up my goals here.

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