bybmg: 20 Items in 21 Days Week 3

20 Items in 21 Days Week 3

I'm back for the last week of 20 Items in 21 Days!

For a rundown of the 20 pieces I chose, check out this post.


Mustard Skinnies // Chambray Top

This was a fun outfit for a day shopping with my mom. I love my Minnetonka mocs!


Rose Top // Black Skinnies

There are those burgundy booties again! If I had to do a capsule of shoes, those would probably make the cut. They add a lot of color!


Plum Top // Sweetly Made by MJ Pencil Skirt (use code BYBMG10 for 10% off)

This was the death of these leopard flats. I love them, but they were just... worn and crummy looking. But, I found a new pair that will be in the mail to me soon! I had fun layering necklaces for this outfit, too!


Gray Sweater // Burgundy Skinnies

This was such a comfy outfit for a 12 hour day. The scarf added a lot of pizzazz!


Plum Cardigan // Polka Dot Tee // Skinny Jeans

Mocs again! Casual Fridays always had to include purple or yellow for school colors. Having cardigans in those colors sure came in handy!

I took Saturday off because it was my birthday.


Chambray Top // Black Skinnes

I can't believe I waited until the last day for this classic combo. The shoes and necklace just add a touch of fun!

Here are 3 outfits I planned and never wore out of the house during the past three weeks:

So, I really did make 21 outfits + 1 extra, and I can think of so many more combinations I missed!

If you missed Week 2, Week 1, or the rundown of pieces, you can check them out!

Overall, the capsule challenge was okay. It's hard that it fell in the time I'd gotten some gift cards to different shops and some extra spending money. Accessorizing definitely helped make things feel not so blah. I'm just not sure capsules are for me. For one, the laundry was difficult. I have small kiddos and I get spilled and snotted on a lot. I do re-wear some pieces frequently. You'll see the chambray top a lot for sure. But, I like the variety of my closet and I'm excited to go back to it. 

What do you think? Would you like to try something like this?

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