bybmg: High Five for Friday 3.11

High Five for Friday 3.11

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What a week! Here's what's been happening!


Calvin hit the 10 month mark last week and I snagged his monthly picture(s) a few days late. It was virtually impossible to get him to sit still. This collage pretty much sums it all up! Have I mentioned it seems he has reddish hair?! I LOVE it. Pretty sure he got the skips a generation red hair from my dad's side!


2/3 of my boys were up terribly early on Sunday morning. I could have chosen to be grumpy, but instead, I chose to make muffins. I used Beth's recipe and used strawberries instead of blueberries. They are so good! I also used silicone baking cups, and they came out well!


I was long over due for a pedicure. I went with a friend and it was oh so refreshing!


I posted this on Instagram, so sorry if you're seeing it twice, but Henry has been excited to text from his iPod. This was the conversation we had last night. Of course between each sent text there was a yell across the house, "Mom, I sent you another message." He has such a sweet heart, and it is AMAZING to see him learn to read and write. He has grown so much this year.


In all honesty, this week has been kind of rough at school (I'm a middle school teacher if you are new to the blog). Not much I can talk about on here, but it's just been HARD. Life is hard, friends. But, next week is Spring Break. I am so looking forward to some breaths of fresh air, lazy mornings, and extra snuggles with my boys!


PS Cents of Style has some CUTE flats on sale today! They're perfect for spring and I know I'll snag a pair (or two)! Use code EGGSTRA for 50% off and free shipping, making the flats $16.47. They also have some other cute springy accessories on sale, too!

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Have a great weekend!

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