bybmg: The Picture Perfect Project - March

The Picture Perfect Project - March


I'm joining in with some fabulous ladies to be a part of the Picture Perfect Project. Each month I'll be sharing a few photos I've taken with our Canon EOS Rebel T3i. I decided with this challenge to focus on documenting of each of our boys in their element. It might look messy, but I just want these photos to capture the every day life we have. I don't really plan to edit the photos in any way except for possibly cropping them a little.

So, I totally planned to get out the DSLR this month, but we were outside playing, and it was just too much to go back inside and get the camera. So, I snapped away with my iPhone. These were moments I just wanted to capture! Enjoy!


Henry has become quite the adventurer outdoors. He's all things monkey bars and taking risks. This rope swing is one of his favorites as well as swinging on the traditional swing as high as he can. He and Wesley have also taken to digging up the yard. 

{Henry and Wesley}

They were working together to dig out under the tire swing. We plan to eventually mulch or something under the whole swing set, so let them have a little fun, right?


I know my mom will say right away that these pictures resemble me as a child. I had an obsession with dirt and all that goes along with it. It seems like Wesley caught that gene as he's been digging everywhere. We try to point him to specific places in the yard it's ok to dig, like this spot next to the shed.

{Henry and Calvin}

Henry is such a sweet big brother to Calvin. He loves to give him attention and knows how to make him laugh.


Mister man has started to really love his swing, and thank goodness, because it's nice to have a place to keep him busy for a little while. It's the perfect spot to watch big brothers run around the yard.

And, a selfie to end it all. Why not? 

What do you think?

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