bybmg: DIY St. Patrick's Day Mason Jar

DIY St. Patrick's Day Mason Jar


I was really in a DIY mood one day. I painted up a frame for St. Patrick's Day, and I decided to do a little Mason jar craft as well! It was so, so simple!

I have quite a few Mason jars around from when we canned salsa a few years back. I dug out some green paint from my stash and found this fun gold calligraphy pen as well.

First off, I painted the jar. I only gave it one coat, and it really was enough for me. I just held the jar on my hand while I painted. Then, I let it dry for a few hours. You could totally do more coats if you want a different paint look.

Then, I just free-drew some shamrocks on with the gold pen. Three dots together and add a little stem. Easy as that.

The finished product is super simple and I love it! 

It's hanging out with my DIY frame and a cute little gnome I picked up at Target!

What do you think?

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