bybmg: 20 Items 21 Days Week 2

20 Items 21 Days Week 2

I'm happy to be back for Week #2 of 20 Items in 21 Days. I feel better after this week. I can push through next week and finish strong!

If you want to check out last week's outfits, look here, and for a rundown of the 20 pieces I chose, check out this post.

I took Monday off because it was jeans and college wear day at school, so we're starting with Tuesday!


Gray Sweater // Sweetly Made by MJ Pencil Skirt (use code BYBMG10 for 10% off)

Last Monday, I showed you 3 ways to wear this skirt for the winter. This is one of the ways. These burgundy booties are becoming a favorite of mine! The burgundy from the scarf pulls it all together.


Chambray Top // Purple Skinnies

I have too many scarves in my collection. I almost forgot I had this one, but I saw it and just knew it went well with the pants! I added simple bangles, navy shoes, and a fun glitter Fleurty Band (use code BYBMG10 for 10% off).


Plum top // Black Skinnies

I am loving the idea of layering a long necklace with scarves. 


Mustard Cardigan // Graphic Tee // Jeans

One thing I really had to think about going into this challenge was Fridays. We can wear jeans to school, but we need to have some sort of school colors/spirit wear. That's where the mustard comes in. Thank goodness I love mustard! 


Striped tee // Gray cardigan // jeans

It was finally nice out, so I decided to break out my Toms. I decided later to go full on polka dots, so I added the scarf.


Gray jeans // Chevron top

This is the first day I'm wearing my gray jeans. I probably would have done fine without wearing them, but I decided to give them a go. And there are those burgundy booties again!

I'm still missing my whole closet, and I think I may skip out on the capsule next Saturday because it's my birthday, and I want to wear whatever I want. This really is a good lesson for me in accessorizing and looking for colors that go together.

What do you think?

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