bybmg: High Five for Friday - 1.1 - Christmas Moments

High Five for Friday - 1.1 - Christmas Moments

Since I took last Friday off, here are some highlights from the last two weeks. We've been having fun around here!


We enjoyed some family time the weekend before Christmas making gingerbread houses. I found a kit with four little ones, so it was perfect for us (Calvin was napping).


I also made the boys little snowmen for breakfast one day. They loved them! I think the raisins make him look a little troublesome, so I may try something different for eyes next time. I use a fruit bar for the hat,  some fruit punch Pull and Peel for various parts, and M & Ms.


We had some fun making some footprint canvases! I made Calvin's feet into a tree and put all three boys' feet on the snowman canvas. I made three of the snowman canvases - one for us and one for each set of grandparents. I think they turned out cute, don't you?


Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were spent with our little family of 5. Matching jammies for the boys, joy on Christmas morning opening gifts, new Nerf guns all around, and afternoon naps for some over-tired boys who had woken up way too early. All-in-all though, it was a good day.

We celebrated with Russ's family here on the 26th and my family the 29th. I don't have a ton of pictures because I was just trying to enjoy it all. 


Bless my parents' hearts, they agreed to keep the boys for the 30th and 31st. Russ and I went out on a date to a nice restaurant in Des Moines on the 30th and we had some friends over NYE. I got a full night's sleep two nights in a row! What a refreshing way to end the year. We missed the boys like crazy, but can't wait to pick them up today!

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and New Years! Crazy to think it is all over! 


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