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Kids Pom Pom Christmas Tree

I'm thrilled to be a part of a blog hop today sharing ideas of how to celebrate Christmas with your little ones!

Today I'm sharing a simple craft I made with my boys.

I picked up a package of foam sheets and glitter glue at Dollar Tree. I already had the pom poms, though I'd purchased them from Dollar Tree a while back. 

The package only came with two green sheets, so I wanted to plan carefully. I used a spare sheet of pink to test out a cone shape. Once I was satisfied, I used it as a guide for the green sheets.

I had first planned to use clear tape to close them. You could probably use a stapler, too. Then I realized I had this foam double sided tape from a home project.

I formed the sheet into a cone and then put the foam pieces where I thought they would go best. I ended up adding another strip of tape once I got the cone closed.

Then the boys went to work. The glitter glue was pretty messy, but washable. I showed them how they could use the glue to attach the pom poms. 

Working hard!

Inspecting the work. Notice Wesley got a little messy!

There's the finished product! There was a little frustration factor during their work because of the mess factor, but all-in-all it was a good time. Henry tried to attach a yellow pom pom to the top for a star and it wasn't working, so we added the gold to the top. These will be fun little trees for them to have in their room by their beds to add a little Christmas cheer!

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