bybmg: High Five for Friday 12.4

High Five for Friday 12.4

Since I took last Friday off, I have two weeks of happenings to share with you this week! Happy Friday!


We spent a lot of time on the road over Thanksgiving. We drove 4 hours each way to visit Russ's parents, then 2 1/2 hours each way to my cousin's wedding. The kids were troopers, and I spent a lot of time sitting between the car seats of the younger two. Russ drove all the trips. He was a trooper, too!


We had a great time with Russ's parents. Henry, Russ's mom, and I put together these cute little turkeys that were on each person's plate. Henry decorated them in his own way including his own spelling of Grandma and Grandpa.


We decorated our Christmas tree and put up some other things around the house on Sunday. It's our first Christmas in our house, so it's fun to see where decorations fit! I hope to give you a little Holiday Home Tour on the 14th linking up with these lovely ladies!


Russ and I had a day date! It was fabulous. We shopped. We ate. We applied for passports! And I spent $20 on this coffee cup, but I love it!

Also, if you like peppermint, I suggest a vanilla bean Frappuccino with a shot of peppermint. It's basically a shake, but it's so good and has no caffeine if you want to stay away from that.


Lots going on here on the blog this week! I posted every day, which is a little out of the ordinary for me! So, if you missed out:

Favorite Things: Stocking Stuffers

Also, come back on Monday for the Christmas Kids Blog Hop and get lots of craft ideas!

Hope you have a great weekend! What was the best part of your week?


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