bybmg: High Five for Friday 12.18

High Five for Friday 12.18

Happy Friday! Can you believe a week from today is Christmas?! How did that happen?


Yay for the Christmas season though it be laden with tissues this year. I think I'm finally getting over my cold and eye stuff. I'm tired of talking about it, so I'm sure you're tired of hearing about it. Moving on...


We got together with my family this past weekend to see my niece play basketball and celebrate my nephew's birthday. I didn't take pictures really, but we had a great time!


I had a student bring me this on Wednesday. It's so cute. The candy didn't last. Whoops!


I shared some cute and simple wrapping yesterday. I took these fun little packages to my friend's Favorite Things party. I came home with a bottle of wine, a new cup, and chapstick and dry shampoo! Score!


I got a box of goodies from No Nonsense. I'm so excited to share about them with you! Check back next week for a Christmas Eve look with their tights!

Happy Friday!


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