bybmg: $10 at Target: Closet Staples and Peppermint

$10 at Target: Closet Staples and Peppermint

I'm thrilled for another edition of $10 at Target. Make sure to hop around and check out everyone's haul!

Elizabeth - Chasin' Mason
Rachel - Garay Treasures
Stephanie - Wife Mommy Me
Becky - bybmg

Next month, we'll be sharing our hauls on January 18th. Drop me an email if you want to join in!

This month's trip to Target was so relaxing. I had plenty of time to browse, and browse I did. I ventured from section to section, not sure what I might end up with. The Dollar Spot was kind of picked through this time around, so I didn't purchase anything from there.

I'd seen a few people on Instagram sharing cute tops they'd found on sale last week, though, so I headed to the clothes after the Dollar Spot was a bust.

I spotted this beauty - sparkly. Black. Comfy... And it was actually on sale for just $6. I almost snagged it, but then I saw...

Mustard! Cute! A long sleeve would be great! And the price... $7. I could totally do that! 

But, then what did I spy on the sale rack?!

 Mustard! Just $3! Sure, not long sleeved, but I have a bajillion cardigans I can pair it with.

I also spotted this pretty purple tank for just $3, too. Again, layering friendly and purple and yellow are school colors, so I wear them every Friday.

$6 down, $4 to go!

And really, the rest of this adventure was driven by hunger. I'd just eaten lunch, but I was still hungry.

I headed to the Christmas section and saw these delicious bites!

And this gum looked perfect for my purse.

Mission accomplished for $9.62.

A few closet staples and some peppermint yummies.

What's your favorite section to head to at Target? 

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