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Gift Wrap Made Simple #gapxdarbysmart


image via Darby Smart

I love a cutely wrapped gift, but I don't always have the time to gather the supplies needed to wrap said cute gifts. Enter Darby Smart!  Darby Smart is a site where you can purchase craft supplies to feed your creative soul. They're teaming up with Gap to offer a gift wrap set that is so simple and totally versatile! I love that it includes brown paper. Next year my goal for wrapping is to wrap just in brown paper and accessorize in different ways. This kit was a good precursor to that! I got to try out the kit early, and here's what I came up with!

{wrap and wrap and wrap}

Simple bakers twine is so affordable, there's usually a ton on the spool, and it looks so crafty and classic. One way to use it is to just wrap and wrap and wrap it around the gift to make a wide band.

This gift actually contains something for a grandparent (so I won't let you see inside!).  Henry wrote on one of the wooden gift tags in the set which will also double as a keepsake for them.

{layered bow}

Another way to wrap is to use the twine in a single strand around the package. Also, the fun glitter washi tape in the set is so pretty, you don't need to hide it!

Then, take a small amount of string, and double it up a few times to make some layers.

Tie it on the package, and you're set!

Two sweetly wrapped gifts, ready to go!

{make a pocket}

I attended a "favorite things" party this week, and I took Jamberry. I decided to make cute little pockets for them. First, I measured out the paper about 2 1/2 times the length of the Jamberry package and a little bit wider.

I folded up the bottom by half, and the top down.

Then, I used the glitter washi to tape up the sides. The kit also comes with some cute tags designed by Darby Smart Designers, which were fun to add a little flare.

Done. Cute gifts with not a lot of fuss! 

What is your favorite way to add a little flair to your gifts?

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