bybmg: $10 at Target Blog Hop: Mama's Stress Relief

$10 at Target Blog Hop: Mama's Stress Relief

I'm so thrilled that this month we have a great bunch of ladies sharing their $10 at Target finds! If you'd like to join in next month, let me know via email.

Elizabeth - Chasin' Mason
Stephanie - Wife Mommy Me
Becky - bybmg

I don't know why, but I've struggled to find some quality time to go to Target! We don't have a Target close enough that I can just swing by after work or over lunch. I think I can blame the struggle to get to Target it on Calvin's teeth. The past two weeks, sleep hasn't been happening like I'd like, and so venturing the 15 minute drive each way after the kiddos are in bed just seems daunting. I'd rather just curl up on the couch. When I made plans to meet up with a friend for coffee last weekend, I made a quick stop to Target to spend my $10. I entered Target in with a purpose and limited time.

I've been very intrigued by the "adult coloring book" trend. Coloring is really calming to me, but there's only so many Ninja Turtles and Mickey Mouses I can color. Last month, I bought a pack of crayons, but sadly they have been left untouched because I hadn't found anything fun to color.

So, this month, one of the first places I headed in Target was the book section, hoping they might have caught on to the coloring book trend. I found this gem and was thrilled until...

I looked at the price tag. I thought maybe the 20% off sticker would help, but it was 20% off the suggested price. $13.59 was the real price, so back on the shelf it went. 

Also near the coloring books was this little book that I've heard so many people talk about, but...

still too much.

Then, I spotted this on the shelf!

Hooray! Within budget! I snatched it up. 

Though I have a new pack of crayons at home, I wanted shiny new colored pencils, too. I splurged on the 24 pack.

Next, I headed to the candy section, because I felt a theme coming on. I grabbed two of my favorite candies and my budget was full.

Here's what I ended up with!

As I went up to check out, the coloring book didn't ring up. I couldn't remember the exact price, which you can obviously see earlier in this post. I told the cashier it was "four-something" and about got out my phone to pull up the picture. It seemed she didn't care to find the real price, because she just typed in $4 and kept going. So, I feel kind of bad about that, but I still would have been within my $10 budget.

What's my theme you might ask? A relaxing hour or so after the boys go to bed. A little de-stress coloring along with some of my favorite treats.  So, though I didn't get a thorough "Target Vacation," this month with time constraints, I bought a little mini mental vacation I can have at home. In my sweats. On the couch.

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