bybmg: High Five for Friday 11.20

High Five for Friday 11.20

Happy Friday!  This Friday is lovely knowing that I only have a two day work week next week!  Just and FYI, my posting will be a little slim next week so I can focus on time with family. 


I had my first red cup of the season last weekend, a Caramel Brulee Latte. Yum!


I shouldn't have, but I looked back in my nursing app... The last time Calvin slept all night was October 28th. He sure is cute though, so I'll let it slide. He has had some more success with solids this week!


Happy Nails! This week I did Jamberry's TruShine Gel in Latte with Party Dress glitter and an accent of the Love Note wrap from the All is Bright gift set!

I had to giggle when someone posted this comparison to the wrap in the All is Bright gift set and that crazy blue/gold dress fiasco from last year.

Jamberry has some awesome deals coming up for Black Friday through the following Tuesday! 


I've been wanted to focus more on gratitude in our home. I've been trying to have a little table talk at dinner about what we're thankful for. I have seen so many great thankful ideas at different blogs, and I found this free printable on Pinterest. Henry helped me cut it out and he chose to hang it above our deck doors in the kitchen. We've been writing what we're thankful for in dry erase marker on the deck doors. I LOVE it.


Emily from Morning Motivated Mom came up with a great Christmas planner to help you keep you organized! Use the code: CHRISTMAS2015, so you can get $2 off ANY purchase of $5 or more in her shop through 12/31/15

Beth at Our Pretty Little Girls, also shared a December Photo Checklist this week with a free printable. Grab that, too!

Bright on a Budget


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