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Fitbit Style

I talked previously about how much I enjoy my Fitbit Flex. I would be lying if the versatility of bands wasn't one of the factors in my decision to choose the specific model. The plastic bands are nice. I have pink, polka dots, and some other fun patterns, but some days I just wanted to stuff it away because it didn't go with what I was wearing. The plastic bands looked too sporty for an outfit.

Then I discovered Funktional Wearables

This site makes jewelry specifically for activity trackers. I was hooked. I scoured the site and made a wishlist. At about $30-$40/piece, I wanted to get the pieces I felt would be the most versatile for me.

THEN one day, I got notified that I had WON a $100 gift card to their site on Twitter. Needless to say, I squealed! Here's what I got, and here's how I wear it!

First, the Tory

I got this in both gold and silver.

It opens via a hinge.

There's a little rubber pocket that the Flex goes in.

Here are a few ways bracelet stacks with it:

I also got the Kate.

I wear this one a ton by itself. I find it perfect for my casual wear.

The metal piece opens via the bottom and the flex fits right in.

The good thing is, the Fitbit Flex isn't the only activity tracker they offer jewelry for. They have all Fitbit models, Garmin, Jawbone, and a couple more. So, if you're wondering if they have something for your tracker, go check it out!

This is not at all a sponsored posts. I just felt like this was an experience with a product that I had to pass on to you.

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