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How I Style It: Falling Leaves Fashion

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When I think of fall, I think of earth tones, cozy textures, boots, and animal prints. The outfit I put together for church on Sunday incorporated so much of that.

This may not look like a typical "church" outfit, but I wanted an outfit that would last all day through church, an afternoon prayer group, and hanging around the house. Jeans were the answer. Seeing jeans at our church is nothing out of the ordinary.

Most of this outfit it thrifted. Can you believe it? 

Until this year, I have really under appreciated the color olive. I found this sleeveless Gap top on Thred Up and it is just perfect. It has a little pleated texture on the front that I just love. This leopard cardigan was another Thred Up find from a while back, also Gap. The jeans are Gap from Thred Up too!

My crossbody bag is from ifchic. I heard about the site from my friend, Rachel. I honestly thought it was too good to be true. Each day you can log in and click around to collect "coins," then spend them on the 24th of the month. With the coins I'd collected an a bonus they sent me via email, I was able to snag this gorgeous purse for under $10! It's very high quality and it's MUSTARD! 

My necklace is from Our World Boutique. If you've been around here much, you know I wear one of the various colors of this necklace at least once a week!

My leather wrap is from Funktional Wearables. Come back tomorrow to hear a little more about them!

It wouldn't be a complete outfit without some fun fall nails!  

These Toms booties are my go-to. I wear them with jeans. With skirts. They are comfy enough for a full day of work. Totally worth the price!

Now, go check out the other fabulous fall looks and link up your own!

Next month we will share and link up our plaid looks on Wednesday, November 11.

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