bybmg: Back to School Blog Hop: Boys Style

Back to School Blog Hop: Boys Style

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In having a mom (and dad) that are fashionable, it's not a surprise that Henry, our 5 year old, can have quite an opinion about what he wears. Now, his opinion might not always match up with mine (bright green shorts and a bright green shirt make the perfect outfit in his eyes, for example), but I know that making sure he feels good about what he is wearing will help him feel confident as he walks into Kindergarten this year. He also does not have a large concept of money or what type of clothing lasts, so I had a little balance when shopping for back to school for him.
I let him choose his backpack and lunch box from Target. I took him when the character backpacks were on sale, knowing that would be what he was after.

I also asked him what shirt he wanted to wear on the first day of school. I listed off options like Transformers, Ninja Turtles, Nike, and Under Armor. He said he would like to wear and Under Armor, which isn't cheap, but I figured I could treat him to one special shirt for the first day.

I have done the rest of his school clothes shopping on my own, knowing what he likes and watching for sales online and when I'm shopping without him. If you have a young child you know that taking them along shopping and trying to dig through sale racks probably isn't the best idea!

Here are some things (exact or very similar if I couldn't find a match) I've bought him for back to school. Blue and neon green are favorites of his, so I was happy to find some things to fit that criteria! It's also nice to have similar colors in multiple pieces of clothing to mix and match.

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