bybmg: Tuesday Talk: Calvin's Superhero Nursery & Photo Canvas Giveaway

Tuesday Talk: Calvin's Superhero Nursery & Photo Canvas Giveaway

I received the photo canvas in this post free for review. All opinions are my own. Read my disclosure page for more details. 

When we found out baby #3 was going to be boy #3, I knew I wanted to go all-out boy for his nursery. The day we found out, I'd purchased a little stuffed creature from Little Bit Funky which had Batman fabric. I decided to use that as the basis for a superhero nursery! I talked a little about the nursery in the planning phase here, but it's not all finished, so I wanted to give you a quick tour!

When you walk in the door and look straight ahead, you see his dresser/changing table and an antique chest.

The dresser is old. I painted it for Wesley's nursery. I love the color, and it still went with the new theme, so it went in Calvin's nursery! On top of the changing table is an Ikea lamp, Thirty One organizer, and a wipes container that I covered with fabric. Check out the tutorial for the wipes container cover here.

The chest is a family piece. It was a green color, but had an oil stain on the top. I hired a professional to repaint it because this time around I didn't have the time nor energy to do it. I love how it turned out, and she was able to cover the oil stain like I probably wouldn't have been able to.

My mom made the blanket from fabric I picked out from JoAnn.

Above the chest is a canvas I received free to review from Canvas Champ. I've never had a photo canvas before, but this one is gorgeous! It is so well made. The image wraps around the edge like a mirror reflection. I am loving having a family photo in Calvin's room! (Keep reading to enter to win a canvas at the end of the post!) Read some reviews from Canvas Champ customers here!

The cross was a gift from my sister in law for Calvin's baptism. The colors go perfectly with the rest of the room!

If you look to the left, there is a cube shelf.

On top of the shelf is a light from Target's dorm collection last year (which was also in Wesley's nursery). I found the suitcases from Land of Nod. Above the shelf hangs Batman and Wonder Woman (from Amazon).

Farther left and back toward the door is the corner with the recliner. One piece of advice I would give any new mom is GET A ROCKER RECLINER! Seriously. I did a wooden rocker with Henry, a glider with Wesley, and finally got a recliner after Wesley was one and had some terrible bouts of breathing issues at night where he had to be held pretty much all night. The recliner was a life saver. Invest in one. You will not be sorry!

This corner is pretty simple. I don't have anything on the walls yet because I'm not sure what I want. The end table is thrifted along with the basket on the top. 

If you look to the right when you enter the door, there's Calvin's crib. I made the rail guard with fleece fabric to hold the plastic chew guards on. It's just tied in knots like a fleece tie blanket. The crib sheet was made by my mom, too, with the same fabric as the blanket. Above the crib are Ironman and Spider-Man (both from Amazon). The red laundry tote is from Land of Nod. I loved the tote so much I ended up buying two more for the boys' room and our room.

My friend, Kristen, made the Hobbes for our Calvin. She got to find out his name before he was born. Then next to him is the Batman Hoho.

And that's a wrap! His room is simple yet put together and I just love being in there!

Enter to win an 8 x 10 photo canvas from Canvas Champ!

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