bybmg: Thoughts with Coffee for Two

Thoughts with Coffee for Two

I am sharing some thoughts with prompts from Courtney and Stephanie! Enjoy!
Wife Mommy Me

I keep a secret candy stash in one of our kitchen cupboards. Right now there are Mike and Ikes and Hot Tamales in there. I hide in the kitchen sometimes and eat whatever I have stashed in there. Anyone else?

I wish I could freeze Wesley in time right now. That kid. He is so funny and silly. The way he says things are so cute. He says "seady" instead of "ready." He is starting to get stubborn, but it's a cute stubborn!

I sing not very often besides in the car or with my boys. I was in choir and show choir in high school, though.

I dance in the living room with my boys. We have a habit of watching YouTube videos of Just Dance. If you have a kiddo that likes to dance, check out this one or this one.

I think beer is disgusting. I'll take a glass of wine or a good cider, but beer. Yuck.

I really can't believe Henry will be in Kindergarten this fall. Seriously. I'm going to have a kid in real school. Real parent-teacher conferences. I'm not old enough to have a child that old, right?

I need to take a shopping break. I have a closet full of clothes. So, I'm saying it here. No buying clothes for me in July (And possibly August, but we'll see how July goes.).

I should get out and walk more, so I'm going to work on that. I have a Fitbit now, so I need to actually hold myself accountable for a step goal each day.

I can sew some basic things without much of a formal pattern. I really don't like sewing with patterns at all.

I like fountain pop (or soda... whatever you call it) a little too much. $1 extra large Diet Dr. Pepper at Mc Donalds, you are wonderful. And huge.

I love my awesome husband. He's such a fun dad and wonderful partner. He's been great about getting the big boys out of the house this summer.

I make pumpkin muffins all year. An easy recipe if you're in a hurry is simply a box of spice cake mix and a can of pumpkin. Mix. Bake at 350* for about 20+ minutes. Yum!

I always plan our meals ahead, but often forget to follow through on something. Like I'll say on the menu we're having crock pot something, but then I forget to put the darn food in the crockpot and we end up eating pizza or mac and cheese.

So, some random thoughts for your Monday. Hope your week is off to a great start!

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