bybmg: Tuesday Talk: Kids Activity: Fish Painting

Tuesday Talk: Kids Activity: Fish Painting

Sometimes I come up with an idea for an activity for the boys to do and it's a total flop. Sometimes I come up with an idea and it goes exactly as planned. This time it took a different turn and came out even better than I had expected! 

One of my summer to-dos was to do a planned activity (usually a crafty one) with the boys once a week. That might not seem like much, but with a newborn in the house, that's what I can muster. We do have some sort of activity planned each week day they're home (they go to daycare two times a week because Russ and I are in graduate school right now). I digress... Anyways, this is an activity that I came up with on a whim!

I sent Russ, Henry, and Wesley off to the library one morning to pick out books about fish. They returned home with these gems.

So, during nap time, I got to work on collecting supplies for our art. 

Washable paint.

Plain paper and paper cut into shapes of sea creatures. I cut these pretty much freehand except that I hand-drew the sea turtle before cutting it.

I cut out rectangles of bubble wrap and duct taped it to the bottom of plastic cups to make a stamp. I'd seen ideas for painting with bubble wrap using a rolling pin, but we only have one rolling pin. With both boys working on this activity at the same time, I wanted them to both have access to the bubble wrap to use for painting. 

I put ocean-y colors of paint on a paper plate for each boy (no fighting over who gets what color and when).

Wesley followed mom's lead and stamped with the bubble wrap like I had pictured. 

This is where I love that the activity took a turn. I handed Henry, our 5-year-old, the stamp, and instead of stamping it like I had planned, he swiped it across the paper. I really LOVE how it ended up looking!

Also, my grand plan was to paint the fish with contrasting colors. Wesley was losing interest at this point. He also struggled to un-stick the bubble wrap stamp from the small fish, but we made it work.

Again, change of plans for Henry. He wanted to color the fish with markers. Also, he requested I make some coral for the picture, so I got out my computer, looked up pictures of coral, and he picked which he liked. I then free-hand cut some coral for him. I also ended up cutting some sea horses at his request. Don't even ask how I cut those out. It was sheer luck!

After Henry was done coloring and his ocean's paint had dried a bit, he was ready to glue on his fish and coral. I couldn't find any of our glue sticks, but I did find the white glue. I put some on a paper plate and he used a small paint brush to apply the glue to his fish. 

Henry had so many animals he made two paintings.

His second painting was a little more rushed I would say.

And here's how Wesley's turned out.  Fun, right?

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