bybmg: High Five for Friday 7.3

High Five for Friday 7.3

July!  How can it be?  Summer always seems to fly by once this month hits, but we're soaking it up! This week was great!


We went to my sister-in-law's parents' pool. The boys had a blast with their cousins.

Wesley wasn't too keen on getting in the pool, but had a blast playing with balls on the edge.


I messed around with braiding my hair. It was a great little up do for a hot day!


I mentioned before that we got a new to us play set for the back yard. 

Russ changed one side of the ladder to a climbing wall. He did an amazing job on the project, and the boys love it.


We have family in town this weekend which motivated me to get some things hung up on the walls. My ladder shelf is up in the dining room with my collection of Gs.


Oh, Starbucks. They sent an offer that if I bought a few Frappuccinos over a few days, I'd get bonus stars.  On the last day, I needed one more Frap, so we headed off as a family to the drive through. It was delicious. Surprisingly though, Wesley didn't like his!  More for me!

Have a fabulous 4th!


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