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Pinteresting: Straw Rockets


I have (as of the day I wrote this post) 3,802 pins on my Pinterest Boards. Sifting through them and actually doing them can be a struggle, but every so often, I actually try something out from there. Today's project is one of them, Straw Rockets!

I figured the week of the Fourth of July would be perfect to give this pin a try!

In what has become our normal summer tradition, we headed to the library first. We found this book on rockets and space ships. It was fun to read because it actually helped Henry differentiate a rocket from a spaceship!

You can read all of the directions on the original source, but basically you need paper, scissors, tape, straws and markers. I pre-cut the paper to the size we would use to wrap around the straw and set the boys to work coloring. 

We had fun with red, white, and blue as well as an assortment of team colors. The one on the right is Green Bay Packers colors. We aren't really Packers fans, but Henry picks up on a lot of teams from kiddos at preschool. 

We had a lot of fun trying them out. Here's a picture of one of our successes. I discovered the rocket had to be in just the right place to make it actually shoot causing for many failed attempts. Henry didn't get discouraged with that fact and kept trying until it would be successful. 

All in all it was a quick and fun project for a hot summer day!

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