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Outfits for Special Days

I received these shoes for in exchange for review of Brandzaffair's website. Please see my disclosure page for more details. 

Finding things to wear post-baby can be somewhat frustrating. Calvin is 12 weeks old, so the official fourth trimester is over. I'm still not back to where I would love to be, but I know it takes time. Deciding what to wear for his baptism this past Sunday was very important to me. I went back to some older pieces, like my favorite mustard LuLaRoe Amelia dress, that always make me feel great and added in something new.

These lovely floral flats are from Express. Shoes always fit, right? The pinks in the flowers of the shoes are my go-to color and added a little flare to my simple dress.

I found them using the Brandzaffair website. Brandzaffair is a website that brings many store's websites together in one place. It will show you the best deals on those sites and also has features where you can shop with a friend. You can also get fashion tips via their blog.

I feel like the floral flats tied everything else together. 

I went with my favorite necklace from Our Would Boutique and a simple polka dot belt from Forever 21.

I added a couple coordinating bracelets from Groop Dealz and Style This Life and I was set!

 I felt like a million bucks and enjoyed celebrating our boy's special day. 

Calvin also wore a special outfit for his baptism. He shares a birthday with my late maternal grandmother. My mom made his outfit from my grandmother's wedding dress. It was wonderful to celebrate the day knowing a piece of my grandmother's life was with us. 

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