bybmg: High Five for Friday 7.24

High Five for Friday 7.24



If you stopped by Wednesday, you already heard that Calvin was baptized last Sunday. We had a ton of family and friends in town to celebrate.

I made a simple cake for the occasion and was please with how it turned out but even more so with how it tasted. I used Rachel Ray's tips on how to make a cake mix taste homemade and it totally worked! This will be my go-to way to make a cake from now on!


Russ got all crafty again after he found a stack of pallets by the side of the road. He made me this wine rack along with a towel rack for the bathroom and a side table for his grill. He's become so handy this summer. I don't have the exact pins to share with you, but take a look around on Pinterest for pallet ideas and you'll find a TON.


Blurry picture, but we joined the YMCA this week. I really want a place to go that has some great work out and yoga classes. We can't wait to take the kids to the pool there and take advantage of the childcare so that Russ and I can work out at the same time!


This guy is getting soooo big! He had his 2 month check up this week and was over 14 lbs!


I hit up Ulta this past week. I'm trying to break up with my $27 Clinique foundation. Ulta had all of their brand on sale for $5 or less. I picked up this foundation  and I have to say that I like it!

{Bonus SIX}

I submitted my last two grad papers for the summer! I'm done with class until my fall ones start up in September! Whooohoo!


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