bybmg: Favorite Things: Nail Polish and Giveaway

Favorite Things: Nail Polish and Giveaway


It's the last Monday of the month, which means I'm linking up with Andrea about my Favorite Things!  Each month, there's a new topic (all the topics can be found here).  This month, it's favorite nail polish! Well, I can say that since January, I haven't been wearing nail polish because I've switched to Jamberry

I've already shared in intro post about why I love Jamberry, so I'm not going to repeat that.

Today I wanted to share about Jamberry's different finishes.


 Glossy is what I would say is Jamberry's standard finish, and what you would expect most nail polish to look like. It has a bit of shine. Some of my favorites that Jamberry has in the glossy finish are: Point of View (pictured above), Spearhead, and Sunny Lotus.


This is my favorite finish because it applies so well. Matte is totally in right now, and lots of people love the matte top coats that are available from various companies. Jamberry's matte finish is just like that, but without multiple steps and with cute designs!  There aren't a ton of designs available in matte, but here are three of my favorites that I've worn: Desert at Dusk (pictured), Navy Stripe, and Brush Strokes.


This week was my first experience with the tint finish, and I just love it. It's a little bit see though, and it really has the look of gel nails. The one I'm wearing in this picture is It's Complicated. I also have Haute Pink coming in the mail (yep, Jamberry does have solids!)


Metallic is a fun finish that I feel like is hard to truly achieve with polish. It looks just like metal on your nails. It's also a thinner wrap that I feel is easier to apply like the matte finish. Some of my favorites in this finish are: Glam and Mirror Metallic Gold (both pictured) and Edgy.


Like the look of glittery polishes but hate the mess of removing them? Sparkle is for you! I always feel a little fancy wearing this finish. Some of my favorites in this design are: Icy Gold & Silver Polka and Once Upon a Time (both pictured), Crash Art, and Love Spell


I don't have a picture of this finish on my own hands, but go check out the White Chevron design and the Instagram feed at the bottom of its page. Clear is so fun because you can layer it over other designs, layer it over polish, or just let your natural nail show through. There are also a variety of french tips available in clear for a classic look.   

If you've perused my blog at all lately, I added a Jamberry Nails tab to the top where I have a collection of some of the YouTube videos I love relating to application, troubleshooting, and removal. Check it out if you're interested!

How could I share about Jamberry without giving some away?

Today I'm giving away a sheet of Jamberry Nails from my stash!  When you win, I'll send you what I have in stock and you can pick which you'd like!

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