bybmg: High Five for Friday 3.27 and Giveaway

High Five for Friday 3.27 and Giveaway

It's FRIDAY!  Hallelujah! 


Not necessarily a highlight-highlight, but Wes was sick on Monday, and all he really wanted to do was be held. He slept on my lap about half the day. I have to say that in my pre-baby nesting, it was good for me to have a day with just him before his little brother comes into the world. He hung on to the fever/lethargy/sleeplessness at night for the rest of the week, so Russ stayed home with him the other days because I need to reserve some of my sick leave for maternity leave.


I heard about these adorable shirts from Liz last week, and I just had to order them for the boys.  Henry totally gets the play on words! They're from Tiny Bee Shirts!

Hello Apparel also launched their spring line this week, and this tee was calling my name. It will match my red polka dot Toms!


While Russ was home with the boys on Tuesday (yes, Henry stayed home one day, too!), there was a moment after naps that both were feeling well, so he broke out the camera.  I love how these capture their personalities!


I shared two posts this week about two subscription services I really love!  Head back here to learn about Ipsy and here to learn about ePantry!


Best for Last!! Happy Blogiversary to my friend, Stephanie, over at Wife Mommy Me!

To celebrate, I'm teaming up with her and some other lovely bloggers for a fun giveaway! 

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