bybmg: More Than That and Tuesday Talk Link Up

More Than That and Tuesday Talk Link Up


I don't have a long post for you today, just some quick thoughts from pondering about my identity and creativity from grad class this weekend. We had to pick out a few words that spoke to us, then make them into a little phrase. What I came up with is pictured (I make my style visible in a hope to make connections but I want more than that.).

I do focus on style on this blog and I know many of you appreciate that! Sometimes, though you get other little DIYs, product reviews, and life highlights. I don't get super deep. I don't have the brain capacity to do that all the time, but I do want to dig a little deeper here sometimes. I also want to go back to my DIY roots and create things to share with you.  I feel like my summers usually are my creative times because I just have more time somewhat, though with a new babe and grad school this summer might not turn out to give me much excess time. 

A few things I want to work on in life is being quiet more. Creating more. Reading more. Spending more time at SheReadsTruth in the morning or devotionals instead of Instagram. Just small steps. We'll see how it shakes out, but I'm at least pondering. 

Any of you itching to make some changes?

Now, the link up! 

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