bybmg: High Five for Friday 9.26

High Five for Friday 9.26

This week was a wild ride with no much time to document what happened.  Wes was in the ER over the weekend for respiratory stuff, we had family in town, I took meals to my 96 year old great aunt three nights, plus Russ had softball, Henry had karate, and we got family pictures taken.  It was a whirlwind.  By Wednesday, I felt like it should be Friday.  So, in place of my usual weekly highlights, I have for you my top 5 favorite snacks right now... because food, especially snack food, is important, right?!


Cosmic Cupcakes: These things are probably TERRIBLE for me, but they combine two of my favorite junk foods, cosmic brownies and chocolate cupcakes.  Seriously, my week was made when my mom brought these by Sunday night.


Lemon Izze:  This stuff is hard to track down, but they have it at Costco in a 12 pack with grapefruit and peach.  One weird thing about me is that I really like lemon... not necessarily lemon bars, but lemon candy and beverages.  This hits the spot.


Hot Tamales:  I also have a love for cinnamon!  I loved the Atomic Fireballs as a kid.  Hot Tamales just have a little sweet and spice that is yummy.  I have tried the hotter Hot Tamales.  They aren't bad, but I like the original best.


Flax Fortune Coins:  We've recently become Nature Box (referral link for $10 off) subscribers. We get 5 bags of tasty snacks shipped to us monthly for $20.  I really like fortune cookies.  Again, I may be weird, but yum!  These taste just like them but have a little more health benefit! There are so many snack options at Nature Box.  We've tried a lot of them and I haven't been disappointed yet. 


Newman's Own Black Bean and Corn Salsa:  Russ and I could gobble this up quickly.  It has a little kick to it, but not too much.  If you're scared to venture into the world outside of traditional salsas, I'd start here.  I don't think you'll be disappointed.  

So, that's my top 5 for now.  What about you? 

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